Vendor Opportunities

The Power of Partnership 

INFRA is a cooperative of more than 300 independent natural food retailers serving hundreds of communities in 45 states plus DC & Puerto Rico. Through collective buying power, operational support and exchange, and innovative marketing programs, we help member businesses thrive in step with their values and communities, a fast-changing industry, and the planet we share.

Working at the center of the natural foods ecosystem, INFRA acts as a deal-maker, opportunity-finder, and roadblock-clearer for members. INFRA offers you a central point of contact for promoting your brand to a network of independent natural food retailers.

To be considered for participation in INFRA Deals promotional programs, items must meet our product standards and be available through the KeHE Natural warehouses that facilitate our programs. We are also able to work with a limited number of direct Supplement and Body Care brands that meet our criteria.

INFRA Deals Promotional Opportunities:

  • National Product Ad
  • National Large Front Page Ad Upgrade 
  • National Family Ads Upgrade
  • Regional Product Ad 
  • Paid TPRs
  • Complimentary TPRs
  • New Placement Offers (NPOs)

At INFRA, we are committed to working with industry partners who align in values that translate in the supply chain from sourcing to product attributes at shelf. While INFRA Member stores set their individual product standards based on the values and missions of their stores as well as the specific needs of their communities, INFRA’s purchasing programs focus our partnerships based on the following product attributes:

  • Certified Organic
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Biodynamic
  • B Corp
  • Fair Trade
  • Packaging–compostable and/or recyclable
  • Wellness ingredient sourcing and transparency

To participate in a National Product Flyer Ad, items must be available for shipment at the KeHE warehouses listed below. To participate in a Regional Product Flyer Ad, items must be available in the appropriate KeHE warehouse(s) in each region.

Promotional Discount offers through Distribution must include a KeHE discount, and the same total discount must also be offered through UNFI, Threshold, and Regional Partners (e.g. Rainforest Distribution) where product is available.

Discounts for Direct vendor partners (for select Body Care and Supplement brands) are offered Direct only.

KeHe Warehouses & Corresponding Region: 

  • NE-Maryland (DC27)

  • CT-Bloomington (DC16)

  • CT-Dallas (DC19)

  • SE-St. Augustine (DC01)

  • SW-Stockton (DC33)

  • SW-Chino (DC41)

  • SW-Aurora (DC12) 

  • NW-Portland (DC25)

ACV Requirements for INFRA Deals Promotions

To qualify for a National Product Flyer Ad, there needs to be a distribution of 70% ACV for grocery and 55% ACV for wellness on at least one item in INFRA Member stores nationally.

To qualify for a Regional Product Flyer Ad, there needs to be a distribution of 70% ACV for grocery and 55% ACV for wellness on at least one item in the specific INFRA region.

To qualify for a Paid TPR, we look for a minimum of 35% ACV on grocery and 25% for wellness on at least one item nationally, along with strong unit sales growth. 

"A partnership is a beautiful collaboration between organizations who share a common vision. INFRA is looking for partners who want to make the world a better place. Together, we can."

Nick Auzenne, Director of Purchasing 

Nick Auzenne with Nixie

The Power of Collaboration 

Nicole Dawes of Nixie Sparkling Water

On INFRA's podcast, The Buyer’s Desk, we discussed women in grocery during Women’s History Month! The INFRA team sat down with Nicole Dawes, founder of both Late July Snacks and Nixie Sparkling Water, to dig into Nixie and her story.

At INFRA, we are continuously working to strengthen our existing partnerships between vendors, distributors, and independent stores and forging valuable new ones. This interview is just one example of how we collaborate with Nixie and our partners. 

Listen Here