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In “The Buyer’s Desk,” INFRA’s own rad and dynamic hosts Chris Sorensen, Promotions Program Manager, and Angela Bozo, Director of Member Programs bring together the diverse folks who make the natural and organic foods industry what it is.  

Join us as we dive into relevant monthly topics! How have INFRA Members adapted in a pandemic-affected world? What’s the next step in the evolution of organic? What does the cold, hard data say about current trends? All that and more, answered on “The Buyer’s Desk!” 


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Chris and Angela return to The Buyer’s Desk to dig into fair trade! Jim Olson, SPINS gets the show going with data insights focused on fair trade products, certifications, and sales trends. Angela sits down with Emily Kanter, Second-Gen Co-Owner of INFRA Member Cambridge Naturals and INFRA Board Chair to talk fair trade certifications and making a difference through retail. Next, Chris is joined by Amanda Archila, Executive Director of Fairtrade America, Matt Olson, INFRA Fresh Program Manager, and Lauren Bartel, INFRA Wellness Category Manager for retail talk where we dive into fair trade supply, certifications, challenges, consumer education, and more. Lastly, Chris is joined by Manish Gupta, founder and CEO of Matr Boomie, to discuss fair trade in producer communities and making a multicultural company work. 


Data insights with Jim Olson: 3:28 

Emily Kanter of Cambridge Naturals: 6:22 

Retail Talk with Fairtrade America: 21:56 

Manish Gupta of Matr Boomie: 39:42 

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Welcome to this month’s episode of The Buyer’s Desk with Chris and Angela! In honor of Earth Month, this episode is about all things sustainability. Jim Olson, SPINS kicks things off with data insights around sustainable packaging and consumer perceptions. Chris then sits down with Jason Murrell, Perishable Buyer, and Stephanie Morris, Sustainability Coordinator at INFRA Member Jimbo’s... Naturally! in San Diego, CA to talk about their sustainability strategy and how they’ve been influencing the industry through it. Next, Angela is joined by Rachel Comeaux, INFRA Business Programs Manager for retail talk. Lastly, Chris sits down with father-daughter duo Bryce and Brita Lundberg of Lundberg Family Farms to talk family history, generations of sustainable trendsetting, and regenerative organic agriculture. 


Grocery insights with Jim Olson: 3:23 

Jason Murrell & Stephanie Morris of Jimbo’s... Naturally!: 3:33 

Sustainability retail talk with Rachel Comeaux: 20:34 

Bryce & Brita Lundberg of Lundberg Family Farms: 32:15 

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Join Chris and Angela at The Buyer’s Desk as we discuss women in grocery on this special Women’s History Month episode! Jim Olson, SPINS starts us off with grocery insights around women-owned brands, then we move into a wonderful interview with the dynamic, always-inspiring Cheryl Hughes of The Whole Wheatery, CA. Next, Angela leads our retail talk with some of the fantastic women of INFRA – Lauren Bartel, Category Manager; Jesse Roque, Retail Services & Merchandising Lead; Sara Fulton-Koerbling, Retail Marketing Lead; and Kim Route, Category Manager – on their experiences as women in grocery. Finally, Chris sits down with Nicole Dawes, founder of both Late July Snacks and Nixie Sparkling Water, to dig into Nixie and her story.


Grocery insights with Jim Olson: 2:05

Cheryl Hughes of The Whole Wheatery, CA: 5:16 

Women in grocery retail talk: 17:25 

Nicole Dawes of Nixie Sparkling Water: 32:20 

This episode is brought to you by Thousand Hills Lifetime Grazed and Ancient Nutrition. 

Sit down at The Buyer’s Desk with Chris and Angela as they kick things off with Jim Olson, SPINS to talk retail insights around regen ag and moves us right to Angela and INFRA Member owner Mark Squire from Good Earth Natural Foods, CA with a robust conversation around buying strategies and agricultural practices. Next, we’re talking retail and regenerative agriculture with INFRA’s own Matt Olson, Jesse Roque, and Nina Brown. Lastly, Chris is joined by Paul Lightfoot of Patagonia Provisions to dig into Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) and how Patagonia is supporting Rodale Institute in the Regenerative Organic Alliance to push ROC forward and bring clarity to the question of “what is regenerative.” 



Insights with Jim Olson, SPINS: 2:44 

Mark Squire of Good Earth Natural Foods, CA: 5:59 

Retail talk with Matt, Jesse, and Nina: 23:10 

Paul Lightfoot of Patagonia Provisions: 37:18 

This episode is brought to you by Om Mushrooms, Tia Lupita Foods, and FILLO’S. 

Chris & Angela kick off the inaugural episode with Jim Olson, SPINS On-site Account Manager for INFRA with a look back at insights from 2022 and a look forward to trends for 2023. Angela interviews Thomas Barstow of Guido's Fresh Marketplace to discuss their buying strategies. Chris has a conversation with his INFRA colleagues, Andy Huth & Kate Fletcher to discuss "persevering through the pandemic" as retailers and what tools we have at our disposal to help our customers feed their families and stay within their means. Then Chris sits down with Denise Woodard, founder & CEO of Partake Foods to learn more about the brand, how they started and discuss how retailers can engage with the brand. 


Jim Olson, SPINS: 6:13

Thomas Barstow, Guido’s Fresh Marketplace: 8:55; 40:45

Andy Huth & Kate Fletcher, INFRA: 20:00

Denise Woodard, Partake Foods: 31:15