Pathway to Membership

Join the INFRA community 

INFRA is a cooperative of independent organic and natural food and wellness retailers serving hundreds of communities across the United States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. INFRA helps retailers be the best version of themselves. Through collective buying power, operational support, and innovative marketing programs, we help our member’s businesses thrive in step with their values and communities, a fast-changing industry, and the planet we share.

Our Vision: We see a future where independent natural food retailers are thriving at the heart of every community, strengthening their local economies, and committed to making healthy, sustainable food accessible to all.

Our Mission: Strengthening our members through collaboration to forge a sustainable future.

Our Cooperative: A cooperative is an organization owned by its members. Every INFRA Member is an owner and has a voice in how our association is governed as well as a share in the distribution of profits. 

How we serve our members

Purchasing Power: INFRA leverages the collective voice of our membership to deliver exceptional pricing, promotions, and discounts to all retailers.

Operational & Marketing Excellence: Want your store to run like a well-oiled machine? So does INFRA! That’s why we provide a robust suite of resources to take your store operations and marketing up a notch.

Community & Peer Support: Nothing is more powerful or inspiring than the INFRA community. When you join, you’ll be able to tap into the knowledge and support of hundreds of your peers. 

Uniting independent retailers

What connects independent natural food retailers? Shared values, shared challenges, and shared strengths. As part of INFRA, our members succeed together in ways they can’t do alone. 

Currently we work with natural food stores, vitamin and supplement stores, crossover stores, specialty and gourmet stores, and other unique store formats. We also welcome retailers with various ownership structures to inquire about membership including owner-operated businesses, consumer-owned cooperatives, and worker-owned cooperatives. 

Just getting started? We’re here to help! INFRA welcomes startup retailers and offers a full suite of support including consulting, discounts on equipment and services needed to open a store, connection to other startups, and more. The best time to explore becoming an INFRA Member is now!

Becoming an INFRA Member

INFRA unites independent stores to be a force in the natural and organic food industry. If you’re driven to create a more competitive and sustainable business as you feed and uplift your community, take your seat at the table, and let’s have a conversation.

Contact the INFRA Membership team by submitting your retailer inquiry form linked here to discuss becoming part of our association. If you have further questions about whether you qualify, please don’t hesitate to reach out!