Pathway to Membership

Become An INFRA Member

INFRA unites independent stores to be a force in the natural and organic food industry. If you're an owner driven to create a more competitive and sustainable business as you feed and uplift your community, take a seat at the table. 

We welcome retailers of all sizes to inquire about membership. INFRA retailers are numerous and diverse throughout the country, each bringing their own individual identity to the association. INFRA also welcomes startups with an illustrated commitment to natural and organic practices and values-based operations.

Be part of a visionary group of retailers who come together with the primary purpose of strengthening independent natural food retailers through shared resources. 

Let's Start the Conversation

INFRA is a purchasing cooperative owned and governed by independent natural and organic food retailers of all sizes working together to leverage our voice in the natural and organic food space. We unite our members for the purpose of providing operational support, leveraging purchasing power, and engaging in shared marketing activities.

Working together is how we compete and differentiate ourselves in the marketplace and gives us a higher chance of success. The level of integrity and commitment of the retailers who are INFRA Members helps us shape a future together where we will be able to continue to bring high quality organic and local foods to our individual communities, because we have a shared vision and commitment. Our retail store fronts reflect the communities they serve and are so much more than grocery stores. They are community centers, education hubs, and local employers.  They truly are the stewards of local economy, involved in advocacy, living wages, and philanthropic activities.

INFRA works closely with our member community to achieve the highest level of participation in promotional programs possible for each retailer, while maintaining their meaningful differences. We also work with our vendor community, on behalf of our members, to ensure product standards are met, we are promoting product that is on trend, and leading industry developments.

INFRA Product Standards

At INFRA we believe in good clean food for all with a focus on non-GMO and organic while understanding that sourcing locally is imperative for healthy, sustainable communities. We are committed to working with industry partners who align in values that translate in the supply chain from sourcing to product attributes at shelf. NGOs such as the Non-GMO Project, Friends of the Earth, and Climate Collaborative allow INFRA the opportunity to be on the leading edge of the real food movement, providing insight into our role within the food system and the positive impact our choices make on our climate and world.

INFRA provides a base set of standards to our supply chain, and INFRA member stores set their individual product standards based on the values and missions of their stores as well as the specific needs of their communities.

We focus our partnerships based on the following attributes:

  • Organic
  • Non-Gmo Project Verified
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Biodynamic
  • B Corp
  • Fair Trade
  • Packaging – Compostable and/or Recyclable
  • Wellness Ingredient Transparency

Independent natural food retailers who are eligible for INFRA membership are invited to participate in INFRA as an Associate Retailer prior to becoming a member of the cooperative. By providing a pathway, the retailer and INFRA can determine if member ownership is a good fit. The INFRA team will support the Associate Retailer in becoming a member, and the timing will depend on our mutual commitments to meet membership requirements. We will work together to determine those timelines.

An Associate Retailer is a non-ownership affiliation with INFRA. This means that there are no investment requirements and no ownership rights, such as voting; however, there are many other benefits and programs available to Associate Retailers. Please see the chart under INFRA Programs & Benefits.

How to Apply

First, submit an Associate Retailer application. The application is then reviewed to ensure the retailer meets the eligibility requirements for Associate Retailer status. If met, the application is submitted to the INFRA management team for approval. Upon approval, the retailer is notified and asked to submit a signed agreement, NDA, and $300 for quarterly fees. Once this information is received, the retailer is eligible to become an INFRA Associate Retailer!

Annual Fee

The annual fee for an Associate Retailer is $1,200/year to be paid $300 per quarter. The first $300 is due at the time of application acceptance.

Pathway to Ownership

The INFRA team will work closely with Associate Retailers to ensure that they are on a successful path to becoming a member owner. Once membership requirements have been met, a recommendation will be made to the board of directors. Upon board approval, the retailer is notified and asked to submit a signed Class A Membership Agreement and to purchase one $500 share of Class A Common Stock. Once the agreement is received and the Class A Common Stock has been purchased, the retailer is eligible to become a member owner of INFRA and receive member benefits. INFRA is incorporated as a purchasing cooperative in the state of Minnesota. In accordance with cooperative laws, the board of directors must approve all new members, which will occur on a quarterly basis. 

INFRA is primarily a purchasing cooperative that “strengthens our members through collaboration to forge a sustainable future.” In addition to purchasing programs, INFRA supports our members through a variety of programs including education, peer sharing, marketing, operational best practices, and more. An extension of your staff is just a phone call away! The chart below identifies some of the programs and benefits provided to member owners. A complete orientation and guided tour will happen upon acceptance into the cooperative.