INFRA & Earth Fare Return to Their Roots with Revived Partnership


Contact Information:
Meggie Smith
INFRA, Director of Communications

Press Release – For Immediate Release
INFRA & Earth Fare Return to Their Roots with Revived Partnership

St. Paul, Minnesota – June 5, 2024 – INFRA is excited to announce that Earth Fare is returning to its association of independent natural food retailers after a decade long pause. Earth Fare was among INFRA’s founding members in 2005 and helped lay the groundwork for a thriving and collaborative association of over 350 independent retailers nationwide. This revived partnership signals a new period of growth for Earth Fare and INFRA, and both companies are eager to explore how this partnership will usher in opportunities for collaboration and strengthen INFRA’s combined voice as a purchasing collective. 

Not only is this move a nod to the shared history of INFRA and Earth Fare, but it also aligns with the shared values of ingredient sourcing and transparency, sustainability in food systems, and feeding local communities.  Earth Fare is looking forward to returning to INFRA’s network of peer retailers and exchanging valuable insight with partners committed to serving both people and the planet.

In addition to supporting Earth Fare’s operations with peer support, Earth Fare’s strong presence in 18 communities in the Southeast moves INFRA closer to its vision of providing 1,000 communities with healthy, sustainably sourced foods. INFRA is excited to welcome these exceptional stores into its supportive peer community and to continue strengthening its position in the natural foods industry to better serve all its members.

Henry Kugler, Chief Operating Officer of Earth Fare, commented, "We are excited to return to the INFRA community, an association that embodies our core values of health, sustainability, and integrity. Being part of INFRA allows us to collaborate with like-minded partners who are equally committed to making a positive impact on food systems and local communities.”

When asked about the prospects of the partnership, Pat Sheridan, INFRA’s President & CEO responded, "We are thrilled to welcome Earth Fare back to the INFRA community. The addition of Earth Fare represents a significant enhancement to our collective buying power and bolstering of our influence in the natural foods industry. More importantly, this renewed partnership not only honors our shared history but also significantly strengthens our ability to advocate for sustainable food systems and ingredient transparency. With Earth Fare’s strong presence and commitment to high standards, we are poised to further elevate INFRA’s reputation and continue driving growth and innovation for our member retailers."



The Independent Natural Food Retailers Association (INFRA) is a cooperative of over 350 independent natural food retailers serving hundreds of communities in all 50 states plus DC and Puerto Rico. Through collective buying power, operational support and exchange, and innovative marketing programs, INFRA helps member businesses thrive in step with their values and communities, a fast-changing industry, and the planet we share. 

About Earth Fare

Earth Fare is the leading natural and organic grocery store in the Midwest and Southeast, with 18 locations in seven states. Led by its pioneering  Boot List, Earth Fare is the only grocery market to develop a Food Philosophy that bans all artificial ingredients, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, and added hormones and antibiotics. We read the labels so you don’t have to.