A Note from Board Member Mylese Tucker


I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that this is the third and final year of my third and final term on the INFRA Board. It all began when Diane Lahodny from Campbell’s Nutrition urged me to consider running for the board in 2015. When she asked, my initial response was a resounding “no.  As you all know, running a natural food store is a demanding endeavor and the thought of adding another commitment to my already overflowing plate was daunting. Moreover, as a small store owner, I had doubts about the value I could truly bring to the table.  

However, Diane’s persistent encouragement prevailed and somewhat miraculously, I found myself elected to the board. As I reflect on the past nine years, I can confidently say that my time on the board has been the most profoundly rewarding experience of my professional life.  

I have witnessed firsthand how INFRA’s values of collaboration, innovation, integrity, and inspiration translate into tangible benefits for us all. On a personal level, I have watched our store undergo remarkable growth that would not have been possible without the invaluable relationships I had the opportunity to cultivate. I found myself sitting alongside some of the brightest minds in our industry. These interactions provided me the opportunities to ask questions, seek advice, and learn things that I might not have discovered otherwise. It genuinely helped me become a better businessperson. 

The benefits I’ve received from my board membership seemed to far outweigh the contributions I was makingHowever, I came to realize that my perspective as a business owner who is involved in every single aspect of the day-to-day operations was a crucial viewpoint. Many of us in INFRA are in this position, and our input and insights are not only valued but essential. 

Small store owners, consider the importance of actively participating in INFRA’s governance. When we bring our unique perspectives to the boardroom, we help ensure that the decisions made reflect the daily challenges and opportunities that we grapple with. Our voices, though singular, are powerful, and when united, we help chart the course of INFRA and the prosperity of our individual stores. 

-Mylese Tucker , Owner of Nature's Cupboard

Interested in becoming a Board Member? INFRA Members should keep a look out for application opportunities in December. Learn more about the INFRA Board here