SPINS Strategies for the Second Half of 2024


Jim Olson, SPINS Senior Retail Insights Manager

Greetings, friends! Although many of you are busy making final preparations for the INFRA Annual Conference, it’s also prime time to prepare your store’s product mix for the back half of 2024. Let SPINS data be your guide to seasonal food trends to keep in mind as you utilize INFRA’s own tabletop show to finalize your 2024 assortment. 

Summer Cookouts

The warm weather grilling season is in full swing, and from now through fall consumers will be stocking up on all the necessary products, although whether to buy meat or plant-based products remains in flux for many shoppers. Conventional meat products saw a 25% growth last year, whereas plant-based meat sales, including INFRA (-8%), have been sluggish across the industry due to higher prices, taste preferences, and failure to meet consumer expectations.

However, there is growth and innovation within certain segments and brands for those who still want a plant-based eating experience. Plant-Based Loaves & Roasts grew +9% and Plant-Based Nuggets/Strips/Cutlets were up 22% across INFRA.

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

As your thoughts move to autumn, don’t forget to include multicultural foods in your product ordering plans. Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated in the latter half of September and the first half of October and is a perfect opportunity to show your support for the history, culture, and contributions of Latin Americans who make up 20% of the US population and account for $2.5 trillion in buying power.

Latin American cuisine includes delicious foods from many diverse cultures, so your product ordering plans should embrace its distinctive culinary identities. Shelf Stable Salsas & Dips (+6% at INFRA), Tortilla Chips (+8% at INFRA), and Mexican Entrée Seasoning Mixes (+18% at INFRA) are well-suited for a Mexican-American audience, while Plantain Fruit Chips (+4.5% in Natural Channel) and Juice & Juice Drinks – Mango (+7%) may appeal more to Central and South American appetites. Regardless of your choice, supporting the inclusion of more diverse food brands in the natural space is always in season.

Turkey, Tinsel, & Treats

Of course, no end-of-year purchasing plan is complete without preparation for the big grocery occasions in October, November, and December.  While certain food traditions make natural ‘swaps’ difficult, there are still opportunities to stock your shelves with selections that appeal to all types of consumers.

Halloween is not a “hold back” type of holiday, as Conventional Candy purchases still hold an 89% share of total Halloween purchases over natural or specialty products. However, INFRA customers are willing to go both ways, as Chocolate and Non-Chocolate Candy are growing at the same rate (+8% and +3%, respectively) regardless of their conventional or natural positioning.

Thanksgiving also allows for some more variety than in years past. Pumpkin Spice has declined over the past two years, leaving room for other flavors that offer a fresh twist on classic dishes and desserts: Cranberry-Flavored Beverages are at +4%, and Chutney & Savory Jellies are at +6%.

Finally, Christmas and New Year’s are excellent times to raise a glass in celebration with many non-alcoholic options more popular than ever.  Alcoholic Beverages across INFRA have been down at 4% while Non-Alcoholic Beverages jumped 46% during the same 52-week period, with NA Spirits (+93%) and NA Wine (+60%) leading the way.

Regardless of season or reason, the INFRA Annual Conference is the perfect opportunity to stock up your shelves and be the go-to destination for all your shoppers this year and beyond.  See you at the show!